What is Minecraft?     
Everyone has probably already heard of this game, because it's one of the most successful and most played game around the world. The reason why is because the in-game possibilities are endless. You can, for example, build huge skyscrapers, fight zombies and skeletons in deep caverns, socialize with your friends and much more! If the free version of Minecraft is not fun or good enough for you, you obviously need the paid version. But what if you can't pay the $26,95 because of various reasons? That is where we come into the scene. We offer you a completely FREE way to get a premium minecraft account!

What does this program do?

This application is used to create a Free Minecraft Premium account, there really isn’t anything hard with it, but You have to have minecraft user created before You use this program, You can register one for free here, once You have registered a free account, You enter selected username to this program, no password required ofcourse and start the program. We found an exploit in minecraft download servers, the ones that are used for updating the game when You start it, so basically what it does is it modifies the minecraft databases so it sees that You have a premium account, once You have used this application there is no need to use it again, unless You want to create another premium account, the accounts You create are just like any other bought ones.

How can I get it?

You can get it under the Download page on our site, it is 100% Free, No Payments included

Why are we giving this for free?

We are a group of games who had to struggle with the same problem when we were younger. We couldn't pay the price or our parents just refused to pay it for us. We don't want the people of today to have the same problems and struggle just to have fun. We are trying to help you guys by releasing this Minecraft premium account generator! The version you get here is exactly the same that you get from buying this game, so what are You waiting for, Download it!